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A Bee or not a Bee

My name is Steve Aveldson and I am a subscriber to the Beacon.  I live in Curtin, work in Eugene as a letter carrier and shop in Cottage Grove.  

Getting the Beacon keeps me informed in Godly, wholesome current events. When I opened the front page of week March 23, 2011, I caught the photo of “Spring’s a buzzin’”. Something, however, seemed odd with the photo. As I looked more closely, I realized the bee on the flower was actually a fly in bees clothing.

I got a little excited wondering if the photo was taken without knowing it wasn’t a bee. I am not an entomologist but have spent many hours just watching and observing nature.

Here is how I could tell: If you put a honey bee and a regular house fly side by side, the differences would be “self evident”.

Anyway, in this case, there is mimicry in both color and flying behavior. However, the eyes of the fly are much larger than the bee and the antennae of the bee much larger and well articulated.

Who would have ever guessed that God’s creation could be so deceptive?  He made the fly that way for its survival.  But like the picture could fool the untrained eye, Satan can deceive us by masquerading as the angel of light.

Jesus is the true source of “living light” - No deception or mimicry.  He says be[e] still and know that I am God.

Just think how much we could learn about nature and our spiritual hearts if we were still a little more often. Just a thought.