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The Right to Remain Silent... Not the Ability

by Marilyn Kittelman




It’s only a little poison

Would you eat a cookie with just a little ‘touch’ rat poison in it? There’s not enough to make you sick, I promise. And there is still a lot of really good stuff, healthy ingredients like oatmeal, raisins, eggs, and milk.

Well of course you wouldn’t eat it, and yet as Republicans even if we openly support the good things our elected party members do (oatmeal and raisins), we aren’t supposed to oppose the unconstitutional things actions they take (rat poison). The problem is that being a Republican isn’t a “get out of Constitution free card”.

Decisions which unabashedly violate the Constitution, regardless of party affiliation have to be opposed and held up as wrong. If we don’t stick to our principles of smaller, limited government we not only lose our rights, but also our base. We watch in dismay as those who really support the principles of our founders begin migrating to the Constitution or Libertarian Party out of the frustration of seeing less and less difference between the two major parties.

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