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Plant concert goes over like a Led Balloon!

Okay a few of you will have to indulge me this week with my stroll back down rock n’ roll lane. Last week we had tickets to a Robert Plant concert over in Bend at the Les Schwab Amphitheatre. The tickets were expensive, but we felt at the time, well worth it to see a legend from the early days of hard rock, the lead singer/front man for Led Zeppelin! Yeah I know for many of you, not your cup of tea, but bear with me the story will interest you.

It was a brisk October day in Bend, snow had fallen there just a week prior, but the skies were clear and as the sun set over the stadium it would reach a chilling 42 Fahrenheit. But all things considered I was in a good mood; following a nice drive up the McKenzie River highway, with fall colors bursting forth in the lush wooded corridor. We arrived in town, staying in the Old Mill District, had a magnificent dinner at Anthony’s (highly recommend this) and walked over the foot bridge to the amphitheater in perfect time to find our reserved seats and settle in for some great entertainment. Or so we thought.

In fact I had just remarked that the venue was so nice, very minimal security, unlike some of the concerts today with almost a lock-down mentality and waaay too much para-military feeling, searches, scans, etc. Not here though. So kudos to the Les Schwab Amphi-Theater folks! So there we were, the show about to begin, exchanging nice pleasantries with our neighbors seated next to us. Actually some very nice folks!

So after the opening act, the moment we had all been waiting for was getting near. The sun had gone down, and the down jackets were our sanctuary against the cold, as the stage lights came up, the crowd cheering in anticipation, roadies doing the last minute placements of equipment and mics, and then….the unthinkable happens!

Up on the giant fifty foot screen comes the ten times larger than life image and shrill voice of the new icon of climate change, Greta, from Sweden. The sixteen year old mentally unstable, psychotic prop from the Global Climate Show at the UN, assaulted us with her communist rant. As she points her finger at all the Zeppelin fans and sneers at us warning “change is coming whether you like it or not!”

The crowd responds, shouting turn that crap off! Yeah I helped, adding to a growing chorus of boooos! But it wasn’t all anti-Greta, several cheered for their climate comrade. Then it became a tense moment or two as the greedy capitalists who paid hundreds of dollars to watch this spectacle, began to yell at each other. So much for the nice chill…friendly mood of the pre-concert. Now we had a literal division of the house, or in this case the yard. People yelling back and forth at each other, as we all had to endure the babbling psychotic Swedish teenager. It is really sad that this disturbed teenager has been used as a prop to sell the false narrative of climate change.

But I will tell you this; I for one did not come to listen to this eco-BS propaganda! And how about this Robert Plant; you want to do something about CO2, Plant a tree! But don’t bring your FAKE science and fraudulent climate message to what you billed and marketed as a night of musical entertainment.

I might have expected this garbage at a Jackson Browne concert. But you crossed the line.

You committed fraud, just like the climate hucksters you’re pushing. Lots of people left the concert early, us included. We had these tickets for at least four months, and had looked forward to some great music. And on the subject of musical performance, Plant was very mediocre at best, his voice is gone, his new music is lackluster, and his performance dull. Maybe Keith Moon from the other British super-group The Who, was right when he first heard of the formation of the Plant, Page ensemble, stating this will go over like a lead balloon. Which actually inspired the name the band chose Led Zeppelin. And there was never a bigger Zeppelin fan over the years than yours truly…oh well…. times change.

Too bad these performers don’t stick to what got them their success in the first place. Oh, and how about a little respect for the greedy capitalists who support you with ticket and album purchases.

And how did you get her to America, which you sneered at? Did you row over in a canoe? No?

Private jet I imagine, like you boys used to fly around in all the time. So much for carbon sequestration! As far as I’m concerned Plant, you can stay on your side of the pond, sell your socialist dogma to your pals over there, but don’t bother coming back here.

I for one won’t be fooled again!

Words Have Meaning

I have been watching, with increasing disdain and concern, the recent uptick in dialogue about “Climate Change”. When this psychotic depressed child from Sweden, Greta Thunburg, was thrust literally out onto the ‘World Stage’, from out of nowhere, at the United Nations conference, to boost the absolute fallacy of anthropogenic climate change, it energized and emboldened the leftists in a profound way.

The One-World globalists who are pushing this nonsense have been very effective in getting the discussion to almost always start, and end with, “it is settled science”, and the “vast majority of scientists agree”. When in fact they do not agree.  And if they did, that is not even the point. Science is not a matter of consensus. It is based on data collection, then hypotheses, which undergo rigorous testing and proving, or disproving. Science is not undertaken by majority rule.

And the data definitely does not support the failed hypothesis of anthropogenic (man caused) global warming. We are in fact currently in a fifteen plus year cooling pattern. And further, the rise in CO2, if it is occurring, is at such a nominal rate that it could not have any effect upon our climate. 

But even the republicans have bought into the left’s choice of words, and have, even if unwittingly conceded ground on the CO2 issue. According to Dr. Don Easterbrook, Professor Emeritus of Geology, at Western Washington University, “CO2 cannot possibly cause global warming” primarily because it is a trace gas which has only increased in atmospheric content by only eight one thousandths of one percent.

But when we use their terms like climate change and Carbon sequestering, we concede ground and ultimately lose the argument. We cannot afford to give them any credence for their fraudulent claims. One example I observed recently was at the Timber Unity rally on the Oregon State Capitol mall, where thousands were gathered to protest Governor Kate Brown’s notorious Cap and Trade bill. Timber and Agriculture were represented there, as they should be, for their survival and way of life are threatened by such regressive and costly legislative quagmires. But one spokesman for timber actually took the stage and started with, “we have to do something about carbon emissions but this isn’t it”. And that’s exactly the problem. Admitting or confessing to a crime that we haven’t committed.

This entire climate change discussion is based upon fake science, with no data to support it! And our only response should be to counter their lies with the truth. They are giving us false alternatives to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist. I don’t know how much more simply it can be put than that. It is simply a case of a solution in search of a problem.

There is no global warming, we are in a fifteen plus year cooling trend, and no amount of taxing the productive industries in this country will solve anything, period.

Climate Change is a hoax, from top to bottom! And those promoting it are trying to bring about economic collapse so that they can merge us all into one big socialist family. It is time to call them out on this fraud, every time it comes up, and not concede any ground!


Dump the Destroyers in 2020

I had the distinct honor of attending a private reception this past weekend for one of President Trump’s chief economic advisors, Stephen Moore. Among the many encouraging things Moore had to say to our group was that we should pray that Elizabeth Warren is the nominee the democrats choose.

Well, it’s far from over, but it is looking like there may be an early answer to our prayers (see Beacon front page today, Warren Now Front Runner).

But if that isn’t good enough news that Trump gets to run against Pocahontas, Pelosi has given us perhaps the best possible Trump card to play in the 2020 election, a failed Impeachment attempt! She has finally caved in to the slathering mob of died-in- the-wool (Zombie) socialists in her party, including, but not limited to, the Squad; Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Tlaib and Pressley.

I fully expect next to learn that Maxine Waters is apoplectic with joy over her political dream-come-true. Waters has been chanting this ‘Impeach him’ mantra since before President Trump’s inauguration.

I wrote an editorial back in June of this year entitled Democrats the 3-D Party. The three D’s I referred to, which sum up the Democrat Party of today, are Death, Dependency, and Deception. The Democrat of today is for the Death of the unborn and the infirm (elderly), they have been the party of Dependency by offering ‘free’ goodies such as; college tuition, healthcare, housing, food, cell phones, and yes even cash to their built-in constituency (minorities and now illegal aliens) for years, and lastly the party of Deception, creating false narratives about just about anything, but their favorite target these days is President Trump.

They have no agenda; no plan to bring order to our nation’s fiscal house, no attempt of any mind to secure our border against the ongoing  invasion, no plan to rebuild our infrastructure, no foreign policy objective, no attempt to stop the endless wars abroad or stop the ISIS threat, no attempt at stopping election fraud and abuse, and no effort to create American jobs, nothing, nada, zip!

They have nothing to offer but destruction!

They are the destroyers. Since Barack Hussein Obama was elected to bring unity and harmony we have experienced more racial tension than at any time since the Civil Rights struggle in the 60’s. We had come so far,  until the great uniter came along! Since those inglorious Obama days we’ve gotten “Black Lives Matter,

ANTIFA, talks of reparation, a complete revision of the real Civil War history and destruction of not only monuments commemorating that struggle but institutions and universities that paid homage to what we as a people overcame.

There is a great quote in today’s Beacon by Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir; “One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.” Yet this is what the party of destruction, the Democrats, has been hell-bent on achieving for decades. They have nothing but hatred for our past, our great achievements, our triumph over past struggles, our victory over tyrants abroad, our prosperity within the reach of everyday men and women, and hold utter contempt for our status as the longest surviving republic in world history!

This past week I received, as a birthday gift from one of my sons, the movie Armstrong. Talk about a great American achievement! And coming at a time when we absolutely needed to conquer that new frontier, space. And yet the revisionists have been at it again. In the recent Hollywood production First Man, starring Canadian actor Ryan Gosling (which I refuse to watch) they show the moon landing sequence of Apollo 11 with Gosling portraying Armstrong, minus the historic placing of the American flag. Armstrong spoke with such eloquence “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. I was but eleven years old when Apollo 11 captured the love and admiration and pride of a nation. And it was an American achievement, with American engineers, pilots, scientists, technicians, mechanics, and skilled labor of every kind that culminated on that glorious day July 16, 1969.

A brief movie review on the film Armstrong. It was very good, narrated by Harrison Ford, as Neil Armstrong, and some great insight into what made Armstrong the great pilot and astronaut that America needed.

However, I was very disappointed in the efforts of the producers to  try and recast the moon landing as a global achievement. But as a whole it is well worth watching, and reliving for some of us, that great memory when American ingenuity and perseverance paid off! This is what we should be teaching our children today!

Not the tripe that the party of destruction wants to teach our young; LGBTQ gender confusion, a narrative of shame about our past overcoming of slavery, and the evil greed of corporations and business owners.

Instead we should be teaching our young about the free-market economic system which has provided more prosperity to more people than any system in the history of the world. And paying tribute to a true leader President Donald Trump, who has delivered on every major policy agenda he was elected to achieve. A president unlike any other in my lifetime, and one who has restored our economy and created real increases in wealth and standard of living for all Americans.

Another great achievement of this president is exposing the Deep State and the horribly corrupt, agenda driven mainstream media for who they are.

Americans of all walks and every party are beginning to see the deception they’ve been sold for many, many, decades. This latest impeachment charade like all the other slanderous attacks against this president will be seen for what it is, bitter partisan, anti- American posturing by those who despise our nation and our history.

I am thrilled by our prospects in the 2020 elections.

It is fitting that the year 2020 is the year that metaphorically speaking our people will finally be able to see with clarity the promise America offers, not just for Americans but for all people of good will seeking freedom throughout the world. But if we are not diligent in the defense of this great nation, the consequences for mankind will be unthinkable.

Let us unite and throw out the destroyers, the party of Death, Dependency and Destruction in this coming election and continue America’s great legacy of freedom and achievement that have made us the envy of the world.


A Bridge Too Far: Governor Brown slaps rural Oregon in the face, again

Following the Timber Unity Rally at the Oregon State Capitol last Thursday June 27, the Republican Senators who had been AWOL over the HB 2020 Cap and Trade Bill, came back to the capitol to close out the 2019 legislative session.

Many called their return a victory. I’m not one of them. Among the many problems with their return, the biggest by far was the passage of HB 2015, the bill granting illegal aliens Oregon Driver’s Licenses.

This issue had been clearly decided by Oregon voters back in 2014 with more than 66 percent (2/3rds) of Oregonians opposed. And a Zogby Poll published on June 19, 2019 shows over 63% of Oregonians still opposed to granting illegals driver’s licenses.

Oregon democrats hold a supermajority in both the House and Senate, as well as having a left-wing progressive socialist in the governor’s office. They are drunk with power, passing bills like HB 2015 that are clearly against the will of a majority of Oregonians.

And now Governor Brown has suggested that the job killing Cap and Trade legislation, that was thwarted by 11 Republicans denying the democrats a quorum, may be back on the table. This time with her exercising so-called executive power, similar to what her mentor Barack Hussein Obama used to ram his agenda through. The problem with Brown’s scheme though, as far as I can tell, is there is no such thing as Executive Orders for the governor of Oregon. And if so, nobody, and I mean nobody, can recall this type of extreme measure ever being used in Oregon history!

From the Oregon Secretary of State’s website the duties of governor are defined:

The Governor of Oregon has retained the powers and duties granted at the time of statehood. These include drafting and recommending a budget to the Legislative Assembly, initiating planning for future state activities and serving as the focal point for coordination of federal and local governments. The governor is also the commander-in-chief of the state’s military forces.

The governor may call legislative special sessions and may veto single items or emergency clauses on legislative bills. The governor may grant reprieves, commutations and pardons and serves as chairperson of the State Land Board.

In case of vacancy or disability, determined in accordance with statutory provisions, the Office of the Governor respectively passes to the Secretary of State, State Treasurer, President of the Senate and Speaker of the House.

I’ve done some preliminary research on the subject of executive powers; I’ve talked to a former state senator, and confirmed with a lobbyist who worked in the Oregon capitol for four decades, and they cannot point to one example where “executive powers” or “executive privilege” has been used.

It is also very peculiar that not one journalist, besides me (that I know of) has even raised the question! They’re all like deer in the headlights on this one. And I personally think Kate Brown is delusional, in addition to being unbalanced. But at the very least she has lost complete sight of the concept of a representative form of government. She simply is ruling by dictatorship.

There is a movement underway to recall Governor Brown, and if any recall could ever be successful this one might have a good chance.

The other significant problem with the Oregon legislative process, in particular as it is wielded by the democrat dictatorship, is the use of emergency clauses, which even in the clear absence of any real emergency, has been, and is being used to ‘seal’ any legislation, by preventing the referral back to Oregon voters. This has got to be put to a stop!

I strongly urge everyone to keep a close eye on this use of so-called ‘executive power’, and call the governor’s office demanding that she listen to the will of rural Oregon, and abandon her destructive Cap and Trade scheme.

It will ruin Oregon and lead to massive reductions in state revenues over the long run.

Not one word has come out of her office after hearing from thousands of her constituents last week. So let her hear from you!


National Popular Vote Passes in Oregon Senate

By David Jaques, The Roseburg Beacon 

The Oregon Senate passed SB 870, the National Popular Vote act, which will bind Oregon’s Electors to the national popular vote. Many consider this an end run around the Electoral College. Instead of the winner of the popular vote in the State of Oregon getting the electors, they will be tied to the national popular vote if the Oregon House passes SB 870.

The senate vote is being  heralded as bipartisan, due to the fact that two democrats voted against the bill and two republicans voted in favor.

The Oregon Senate voted Tuesday April 9, and the count was 17 aye to 12 nay with one vote excused. Two republicans; Chief Sponsor Senator Brian Boquist SD12 from Dallas Oregon, and Senator Chuck Thomsen SD 26 from Hood River were the only two republicans who voted aye.

Senator Bill Hansell, republican SD 29 from Athena was excused and therefore didn’t vote. According to Hansell’s staff he was testifying before the California legislative Assembly instead and was absent for the critical vote. Had those three republican votes been against the SB 870, the NPV bill, the count would have been 15-15 and the bill would have failed to pass.

The Oregon House will take up the matter next. With the House split of 38 democrats to 22 republicans there is very little likelihood of the NPV failing to pass in the House. If it passes and is signed into law Oregon will be the 16th jurisdiction to pass the plan, joining California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois, which will have the effect of giving them additional electoral votes, and thereby potentially controlling the outcome of future presidential elections.