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“By way of comment”

Ever notice how many times Commissioner Morgan uses that phrase at our weekly Wednesday morning commissioners meeting? It’s a lot! So hopefully she will understand the voter’s message that I’d like to remind Ms. Morgan of “By way of comment”. My comment: It seems strange to me that with Ms. Morgan knowing that the Term Limits Measure was passed by voters at almost a 3 to 1 ratio and with her knowing that the Term Limits Ordinance has been written, approved and passed into law, how can she think that Term Limits don’t pertain to her? Or does she think that she is above the law? And now her new lawsuit against Term Limits. What a big slap in the face to the people she supposedly wants to represent! This is utter disrespect for the will of the voters! I hope the 70% of voters who came together to pass Term Limits, can come together again now and give Ms. Morgan a call at 541-440-4201 and let her know what Term Limits mean!

Ken Wade
Glide, Oregon


Dear Susan Morgan –Your time’s up!

As a resident of Douglas County, your blatant disregard of voters’ wishes for term limits greatly offends me. Furthermore, I am astounded that you would cause the waste of funds and public servants’ time by filing a lawsuit to overturn the voter-approved measure.  No doubt you have some justification for your actions, which, I might add, smack of an “elitist” attitude. But in setting yourself against the voters, your ability to truly serve the needs and desires of our county is called into question. Please graciously accept that your time as a commissioner is over, drop this lawsuit, and find another avenue in which to serve.

Joanna Ramlow
Roseburg, Oregon


Vaccine Risk

This information I am sharing with the readers of the Beacon, is from a newsletter - Natural Way to Health written by Dr. David Brownstein, a functional physician who practices in Michigan. He writes that there are five big lies being spread by the FDA, the pharmaceutical companies and our government.

1. Vaccines do cause autism in children. A study showed that in the last 20 years there have been 240 percent increases among Africa American children who have received the MMR vaccine before the age of 36 months. There has been a 69 percent increase in the risk of all children who have received the vaccine before the age of 36 months. Dr. William Thompson, a whistleblower at the CDC came forward and stated that he and his colleagues knowingly falsified data from the 2004 study. Under pressure he has been silenced. Demand that he be made to testify under oath at a new hearing.

2. Herd immunity is the focal point of the argument that 100% of us need to be immunized. This argument is false because if the vaccinations provided lifelong protection why would they care if some of us were not vaccinated. The vaccines do not provided lifetime immunity. Most of the vaccines only provided immunity for 10 years; whereas if a child comes down with measles or chickenpox they have lifetime immunity. California has recently passed a law that a child cannot attend public unless all 46 of the doses are up to date. Childhood disease is rarely severe in children; whereas in adults they are.

3. You Are Putting Other Children at Risk. This argument is invalid for many reasons. If the shots are effective, why should a vaccinating parent care what a non-vaccinating parent does? During a viral infection the virus is shed in the bodily fluids of infected people and can be transmitted to others. What these pro-vaccination officials do not mention is that after a live virus vaccination recommended by the CDC, the newly vaccinated person can shed for days, even months. During shedding, the virus can be found in saliva, nasal and throat secretions.

4. Vaccines are safe and effective. American children are the most heavily vaccinated children in the world, but they are not the healthiest. Our children have the highest newborn mortality rate and more chronic illnesses than children in other developed nations. It is true vaccinated children are not coming down with measles, chicken pox, etc. but they are not healthier.

5. Everyone should get a flu shot. The flu vaccine fails to protect the majority of older individual after getting the vaccine. A big problem with the flu shot is that it contains mercury and aluminum. My thought, not the doctor’s. If childhood vaccines might cause learning disabilities (which have certainly increased over the years since so many shots have been introduced) could there be a connection for the increase in senior dementia?

6. Newborns need hepatitis B vaccine. Giving a healthy or even sick newborn baby whose mother does not have hepatitis B an injection for this vaccine just hours after birth should be malpractice. The most common way this disease is transmitted is through sexual intercourse. If your newborn is not engaging in sex and intravenous drug use, Dr. Brownstein suggests delaying this vaccine. Many parents are against putting toxic levels of mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde into their young children. How can these dangerous substances make our children healthier? More children have asthma, learning disabilities, even cancer than ever before. Call you senators and congressmen and request that they let Dr. Thompson testify under oath. And most of all do not let them make it mandatory that everyone take vaccines.

Rhoda Mozorosky
Roseburg, Oregon


Don’t reject knowledge

Marilyn Kittelman’s “The Right to Remain Silent . . . Not the Ability: There’s a Sea Change Coming in Party Politics” in Wednesday’s September 23rd Roseburg Beacon, could have been penned decades ago. Too, Socialist Party A. (depraved Democrats) vs. Socialist Party B. (reprobate Republicans) are two sides of the same coin. Both are master con artists of political deceit and subversion, especially at the national level with perhaps the exception of Rand Paul and Ben Carson. The obvious honest alternative is an independent third party detached from the stranglehold control of the corrupt global treasonous establishment elite who manipulate the two party system from the apex. This cartel has long since been exposed in Professor Carrol Quigley’s Tragedy And Hope (1966). Professor Quigley was formerly Bill Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown University. Therefore, embrace the Constitution Party of Oregon at This is the obvious answer to the “Republicrats”: Donkeys (Jackasses) and Elephants (Dumbos)! So who actually runs the show behind the scenes? Time and space doesn’t permit me to delve into depth here. However, I endorse numerous online articles and You Tube videos by outstanding honest moral academic credible writers including Charolette Iserbyt’s The Miseducation of America Party 1 and II. Also, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, Secret Societies, The Secret History of Western Education, and Mind Control in Public Schools with Charolette Iserbyt. Other reputable writers include Antony Sutton’s The Order of Skull and Bones, and G .Edward Griffin’s The Creature From Jekyll Island. Finally, don’t forget either both The John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisconsin and JPFO, Inc. “America’s Aggressive Civil Rights Organization” at and, respectively. JPFO’s academic educational research on the historical link between “gun control/civilian disarmament” and “state sanctioned genocide” remains shocking indeed! As does Dial 911 and Die: The Police Protection Myth, another JPFO, Inc. presentation. Don’t remain in ignorant apathetic “feel good denial!” The life you may save may be not only your own, but multitudes of innocent human beings. The Bible states: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget your son.” Hosea 4:6 (King James Version)

James A. “Jim” Farmer
Ashland, Oregon


Barack Hussein third term?

The democrats need a strong contender to run for president in the 2016 election. So far none of the democrat contenders come close to Barack Obama’s potential to win a majority popular vote. The 22nd amendment would prohibit a third term by Obama and there is the little detail of the Electoral College. However it would not be unconstitutional to have Obama’s name on the ballot. Were he elected he could not hold office until the 22nd amendment was neutralized. Non-compliance backed by executive order would most likely suffice. Courts and friendly judges would provide legality. Who could stop him? Que sera, sera.

Termite Shellbutt
(Sherman Talbot)
Elkton, Oregon