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“Mommy, please don’t leave me, I didn’t do anything wrong”

Judge William Marshall rules against mother

By David Jaques

Roseburg, OR—Even though the mother of two and a half year old Nakota Eckel has never been accused of abuse or neglect of her daughter, nor been charged with any crime, Judge William Marshall has directed the Oregon DHS agency to terminate the mother’s parental rights within sixty days.

The decision was issued July 13, three days after the statutory deadline, according to Kareen LaValley, attorney for AJ Pichette, Nakota’s mother. Although the decision was filed with the court clerk on July 13 neither LaValley nor her client received notice of the court’s ruling until Friday, July 16. LaValley said Marshall’s failure to meet the statutory time limit may be grounds to have the decision overturned.

In an exclusive interview with The Beacon, Pichette said upon learning the news late Sunday afternoon from her attorney, that Judge Marshall ruled against her, she didn’t break down and cry she just felt numb

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A Mother’s worst nightmare

By David Jaques

AJ with her son, Liam, and daughter, NakotaLosing a child is without a doubt the worst fear of any mother, or father for that matter. On Friday, November 16, 2007, that fear became reality for Geraldine K. Eckel when five uniformed, male officers appeared at her home and stripped her 7 week old infant Nakota Ruth Eckel from her arms. What ensued over the next two and a half years can be described as nothing short of a living nightmare for the young mother.

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