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Cruz clobbers Trump in Wisconsin

by Chelsea Schilling

America’s eyes were on Wisconsin Tuesday evening as both political parties held primaries in the state, and the two underdog candidates – Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders – celebrated victories over their parties’ front-runners.

“What an incredible victory tonight,” Cruz said after his win. “And thank you to your tremendous governor, Gov. Scott walker, for his principled, passionate leadership.”

He said Wisconsin is a “turning pint,” “a rallying cry,” and Americans “have a choice, a real choice.”

“Three weeks ago, the media said Wisconsin was a perfect state for Donald Trump,” Cruz said. “So just how significant is tonight? Well just today, our campaign has raised over $2 million. … We’ve had over 1.3 million contributions.

“In the last two weeks, and in the coming days when Colorado and Wyoming finish voting, we are likely to have gained over 100 delegates on Donald Trump. … I’m more and more convinced that our campaign is going to win the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination. Either before Cleveland or at the convention in Cleveland, we will win a majority of the delegates. And together, we will beat Hillary Clinton in November.”

Cruz said, “Tonight was a bad night for Hillary Clinton. It was a bad night in the Democratic primary. And it was an even worse night for her in the Republican primary. We’re winning because we’re uniting the Republican Party.”

He continued, “Tonight, Wisconsin has lit a candle guiding the way forward. Tonight, we once again have hope for the future. Tonight is about unity. And tonight is about hope.”

Cruz promised to repeal Obamacare, stop federal regulations from killing small businesses, pass a flat tax, abolish the IRS, secure the U.S-Mexico border and end sanctuary cities. He also said Americans will “see a Supreme Court that protects their religious liberty” and Second Amendment rights.

He tweeted, “So Hillary, get ready – here we come!”

Wisconsin voters flocked to the polls, where workers reported long lines and larger-than-usual turnouts.

Cruz enjoyed a lead of about 15 points with 79 percent reporting.

His victory jeopardizes Trump’s path to 1,237 delegates before the Republican National Convention in July.

Trump didn’t offer a speech, but his campaign released the following concession statement, which directly accused the Cruz campaign of violating federal law:

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DEQ involved over Spilt Milk? 

Boardman, Ore- A milk transport truck overturned on I-84 on Monday, March 28, spilling 7,000 gallons of milk. At about 5:41AM, OSP Troopers and emergency personnel responded to the report of a single vehicle crash on Interstate 84 near milepost 167 (just east of Boardman). 

Upon emergency crews arriving on scene, they discovered that a semi-truck towing double tanker trailers had rolled over onto its side on the shoulder. They found the driver, James W Crow, age 62, of Kennewick, WA, trapped in the wreckage. Fire personnel worked for two hours to extricate Crow from the wreckage. He was transported to Good Shepard Hospital in Hermiston for life threatening injuries. Crow was subsequently transported by air ambulance to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland where he later died.  

Preliminary information indicates Crow was operating a 2016 Freightliner towing two tankers westbound on Interstate 84. For unknown reasons, Crow drifted off onto the right shoulder and rolled the truck and trailers onto their side. Approximately 7,000 gallons of milk were spilled at the site where it entered a small drainage ditch. The milk flowed a short distance before entering the ODFW managed Coyote Springs Wildlife area. ODFW responded and assessed no immediate loss of fish or wildlife had been observed. ODFW contacted DEQ and spill cleanup crews are awaiting their recommendations for any needed site clean-up.


How the West was won: Trump takes Arizona, Cruz claims Utah 

GOP candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz (Photo: Twitter)

Chelsea Schilling

It was another primary night for Republicans and Democrats, and GOP front-runner Donald Trump captured Arizona, Tuesday’s biggest prize with 58 delegates.

Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton won Arizona, and rival Bernie Sanders took Utah.

While Trump was victorious in the Grand Canyon State, the GOP kingpin got hammered in the Utah caucuses, where rival Ted Cruz was the favored Republican candidate.

The next set of primaries and caucuses comes on the same day ISIS claimed responsibility for multiple bombings in Brussels, Belgium, that left at least 34 dead and hundreds injured.

Both Trump and Cruz called for....

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La Voy Finicum Murder


Douglas County Commissioner Race Loads Up 

By David Jaques

Roseburg, Ore-Within the last two days of the candidate filing deadline for the May 2016 primary election, the field of candidates for Douglas County Board of Commissioners Position 1 doubled, from four to eight, three of the four newcomers filing on March 8, the last day.

This new development seems to accent the drama over the coming election of the next Douglas County Commissioner, after Susan Morgan was first denied ballot access due to the term limits imposed by nearly seventy percent of county voters, who then sued to have the measure overturned and get her name on the ballot, only to then withdraw from the contest altogether.

Morgan, when citing the reason for her withdrawal, claimed that her candidacy might prove to be a distraction due to the controversial lawsuit she had filed against the county clerk. Others speculated that by her going against the seventy percent who supported term limits, polling likely showed she could not win.

Another candidate, Mark Garcia, also withdrew his candidacy this week citing changing priorities in his business plans, and less than hoped for campaign contributions.  Garcia sent out a press release announcing his withdrawal and his endorsement of Gary Leif, who is running his second time for commissioner. Garcia stated; “Gary has years, even decades of service to the people of Douglas County. He's a nice guy, and he's well respected. He shares my vision concerning the role which limited government can play in enabling private sector companies to create jobs and prosperity. So, for these reasons I give Gary Leif my full and unreserved endorsement to be our next County Commissioner.”

The current list of candidates (in order of filing date) is: Gary Leif (9/10/15); Dennis Rogers (10/26/15); Joel “J.D.” Parks (2-4-16); Victoria Hawks (2/25/16); Nancy “Morgan” Lee (3-7-16); Dale Bryson (3-8-16); Dave Leonard (3-8-16); and Ricky “RL” Roberts (3-8-16).

Gary Leif, owner of Leif photography, ran for the county commissioner seat vacated by Doug Robertson’s resignation in 2013, the seat now held by Chris Boice.  In the November 2014 election, Leif, in a four way race, received 38% of the vote to Boice’s 42% garnering 12,514 votes. Leif is registered republican and a resident of Roseburg.

Dennis Rogers, in his first run for public office, lists “Dispensary Manager” as his current occupation. He has a background in sheet metal and was a member of Sheet Metal Workers Local 104. In his filing statement Rogers said he “will bring the power back to the people via limited government, lower taxes and fees, and limited regs and ordinances.” Rogers’ voter registration is listed as “non-affiliated” and he is a resident of Roseburg.

Joel “JD” Parks, also a first time candidate, is a musician, and lists Towing and Recovery Operator as his current profession, and has a background in mechanics. He is a founder of the Heirs of Patrick Henry, Northwest, and has been active in local and regional politics and community affairs. Parks is listed as a “non-affiliated” voter and is a resident of Azalea.

Victoria Hawks, the Principal Broker and owner of Hawks and Company Realtors, is a current member of the Roseburg City Council, and the Douglas County Planning Commission. Her past employment includes owner of The Woodmen Firewood Company, and accounting and bookkeeping services for Douglas Electric Co-Op. Hawks is a registered democrat and a resident of Roseburg.   

Nancy “Morgan” Lee lists no previous political office, though she has served on the Coastal Planning Advisory Committee for the past 20 years, an appointed position. She also lists herself as an Investigator/Researcher into government waste, overreach, and abuse of Federal Agencies, especially those that were detrimental to local ranchers, farmers, fisherman, or loggers. Lee is a registered republican and a resident of the Reedsport area.      

Dale Bryson lists as his current occupation, Adjunct Professor of Mathematics at UCC, a position he has held since 2004. As prior experience he lists US Navy Civil Service as a Mathematician and Operations Research Analyst. Bryson received his PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from U of O. He is registered as a democrat and is a resident of Roseburg.

Dave Leonard lists as his current profession, Engineer. He was formerly the Public Works Director for Douglas County, and a member of Douglas County Industrial Development Board and the Roseburg Airport Commission. Leonard also served on the Douglas County Planning Commission. He is a registered republican and a resident of Winchester.

Ricky “RL” Roberts, is currently retired and did not provide his previous employment experience in his original filing. He is a U.S. Marine Corps Combat Veteran and listed prior training at San Onofre Nuclear Generating station. Roberts is registered as a “non-affiliated” voter, and is a resident of Roseburg.

The candidates for commissioner, a non-partisan office, will appear in numerous public forums between now and the May 17 primary election. If no candidate receives more than 50% of the total votes cast, the top two candidates will face off in the November General Election.