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Letters to the Editor





Thumbs Up to First Responders!

There can be no way to adequately express our sorrow and condolences to the families who lost family members or who had a family member who was injured or just there. You are each in our prayers and thoughts and will be for a long time.
I cannot begin to express how proud I am of the Emergency Responders in Douglas County. They did their job in a professional and outstanding manner on October 1, 2015. Anyone who listened to the 911 traffic or recordings must be impressed with the calm, cool, collected voices of those responding to a call such as that. I offer my Thanks and prayers to each and every one of them. They were professional and compassionate in a dangerous horrific situation.
Sheriff Hanlin, I watched each and every press conference that you conducted. I believe without doubt that you handled the News releases better than any other official I have observed in a similar situation. I believe that you were polite, and firm in your convictions, and that on each topic you were right on. I believe your ability to keep the focus on the incident and the people involved should be a lesson to all who have such responsibilities. I applaud your comments about keeping an open mind until the information has been compiled before offering solutions. Everybody that I have talked to since this incident have commented in a positive manner on your actions.
Douglas County, the next time you see a County Deputy, City Policeman, Fireman or ambulance driver, give them a thumbs-up; they did and continue to do a hell of a job.

Kerry Hutcheson
Roseburg, Oregon


The COST of Obama visit to your city 

The bill to your city, county and state will get for Obama showing up is much more than you can imagine. Please check it out! On the federal level, the visit to your community will be approximately $20 million, not to mention the thousands of gallons of fuel they will use. I couldn’t verify the numbers because I did not have the mileage. Secondly, thanks for speaking up for your community. Also, I send my condolences for your loss.

H. Weller of Colorado


Former Sheriff speaks out

My heart and prayers go out to the families of the recent victims in Roseburg, Oregon.
For the record, I too believe these cowardly and senseless acts are horrific and something should be done. However, it must focus on the problematic individual – not the rest of the law abiding populace.
Many of these cowardly acts are a calculated (and anticipated) risk by someone committed to suicide.
There is a link to a public website where you can read the shooter’s thoughts, and frame of mind, on what he plans to do . . . posted prior to the action taken.
Those who live in a fantasy world would have you believe the gun is the problem. Those who live in reality know it is the individual or evil groups with an agenda that kill.
Look at the number of people killed with knives, hammers, clubs, fists, vehicles, or other means each year . . . which, far outnumber the deaths by “gun” - Do we see a major movement to ban knives, vehicles, and such . . . no; kind of a nonsensical notion when you think about how you would accomplish it.
Far too many people are of the belief that we must punish all for the acts of a few. As the former Sheriff responsible for the safety of our community, I could not have slept at night knowing that I took away a means for a family to protect themselves. There are laws on the books that clearly define use of force, deadly force, self-defense and defense of others. Good people follow those rules – bad people do not.
I see once again, Obama shamefully capitalizes on the tragic loss of human life to further his personal agenda.

Gil Gilbertson
Grants Pass, Oregon


Supports Sheriff Hanlin

I am a 45 year resident of Roseburg, Oregon. It has been less than 24 hours since this horrific event has taken place in our small community, and I am disgusted with all those in the news who are turning this tragedy into an opportunity to attack our Sheriff, John Hanlin. We need positive support during this time and a chance to begin our healing process as a community. Political views are the least of our concerns at this time. Where is the compassion for all the victims, their families and our community as a whole?

Amanda Clark
Roseburg, Oregon


“By way of comment”

Ever notice how many times Commissioner Morgan uses that phrase at our weekly Wednesday morning commissioners meeting? It’s a lot! So hopefully she will understand the voter’s message that I’d like to remind Ms. Morgan of “By way of comment”. My comment: It seems strange to me that with Ms. Morgan knowing that the Term Limits Measure was passed by voters at almost a 3 to 1 ratio and with her knowing that the Term Limits Ordinance has been written, approved and passed into law, how can she think that Term Limits don’t pertain to her? Or does she think that she is above the law? And now her new lawsuit against Term Limits. What a big slap in the face to the people she supposedly wants to represent! This is utter disrespect for the will of the voters! I hope the 70% of voters who came together to pass Term Limits, can come together again now and give Ms. Morgan a call at 541-440-4201 and let her know what Term Limits mean!

Ken Wade
Glide, Oregon