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While Barack Fiddles 

It is very fascinating to me, and more than a little terrifying, that our world is moving rapidly towards war and we don’t hear a thing about it.  All the headlines we get at home are about locker room profanity, who’s ahead in the polls? and Trump’s tax returns.

Meanwhile Russia is moving nuclear capable missiles into Europe and has been building up troops on the Ukraine border since August. They have also declared a “No-Fly” zone over Syrian airspace, and threaten to shoot down American aircraft. This is in response to Obama’s reckless scheme of covert airstrikes against the Syrian air force. Keep in mind that in spite of the smear campaign against him, Assad is the only thing preventing the wholesale slaughter of Christians in Syria. Besides it is not our fight!

U.S. intelligence has also learned that Russia is building dozens of underground bunkers capable of withstanding nuclear blasts. Are they preparing for something?  And at the same time, guess what America spends on Civil Defense? Nothing!

And all this comes at a time of extreme vulnerability following Obama’s steady evisceration of our military; depleting our forces and our armaments over the past eight years, and our morale.

And at home we are bemoaning the “unequal” treatment of minorities, as the militant radicals from Black Lives Matter, who would make the Black Panthers blush, wreak havoc in our urban centers, putting at risk not only our law enforcement officers, but law and order in general, while our cry-baby millionaire athletes stage a sit-in.

The question this all begs is; who do you want as Commander in Chief when it all comes down?  Hillary is practically salivating at the prospect of war, along with her establishment hawks in Washington.

Trump on the other hand favors a more non-interventionist foreign policy. In a Washington Post article he is quoted as saying; "I do think it’s a different world today, and I don’t think we should be nation-building anymore," He added "I think it’s proven not to work, and we have a different country than we did then. We have $19 trillion in debt. We’re sitting, probably, on a bubble. And it’s a bubble that if it breaks, it’s going to be very nasty. I just think we have to rebuild our country."

Hillary doesn’t see a bubble at all, at least not one that a few more billion dollars in government spending couldn’t fix.

Trump recognizes that with the instability of the dollar and our depleted military due to years of neglect, this is not a time to be engaging in multi-theatre conflicts with powers such as Russia or China.

He has also questioned our continued support of NATO, which in my mind is nothing more than American taxpayers underwriting the defense of Europe.

The same is true of the United Nations, whose mission is a complete joke! The UN is meddling in issues like the phony ‘climate change’ fraud, gun control and abortion, while undermining America’s right to control our own borders. The entire UN stronghold on American soil should be terminated as we withdraw our financial support.

Eisenhower warned us back in the fifties to be wary of the military industrial complex. They are alive and well, and they have strong advocacy in the congress from McCain and McConnell on the Senate side to Ryan in the House.

The globalists who are hell bent on the New World Order are backing Hillary and are terrified of a Trump presidency.

These are very tenuous and unstable times, and we had better come to grip with the fact that we cannot continue to intervene in the internal affairs of other nations. It does not work, and engenders more mistrust and resentment overseas, especially the Middle East.

Instead we should be supporting our allies, especially Great Britain and Canada following their repudiation of the globalist EU. Other European nations are soon to follow, and they could use our support as well.

But we need a bold new start in Washington, and we must throw out those who would merely fiddle about before our very future as a free people goes up in flames.

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