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Who’s Afraid of a Fair Election? 

Boy, if only I could have prepped Mr. Trump for that last debate! Overall I thought he owned the evening, but there were some sizeable missed opportunities!

The first one had to do with him not conceding the election, accepting the results. This one was low hanging fruit. I would have had him respond; ‘Why wouldn’t I accept the results, when I am quite certain we will win this election handily? Are you kidding why would I contest our victory?’  But on a more serious note Mr. Trump could have, in the follow up that Wallace would certainly have thrown back at him, responded; ‘If you’re asking me, that if I have been provided with evidence that election fraud had occurred and that our election laws had been broken, would I turn a blind eye? What do you think?’

You see, that would have taken all the wind out of Wallace and the Democrat’s sails. That ship would never have left the dock! Again Trump simply goes on the record and states that ‘of course I would not be complicit in any incident of election law violation, nor could I allow it go unchecked’. And of course he says ‘I realize that the current administration has a very long and consistent track record of NOT enforcing our laws, but mine will be a new type of administration, we’re going to bring justice back into fashion!’ The American people deserve nothing less! ‘We are going to have the greatest justice system in the world, once again, I promise you! And I might add we won’t be needing a world court ever!’

The Obama justice department has flagrantly violated our laws, and outright refused to enforce others, not the least of which is the Hillary e-mail scandal, a case of her violating confidential and classified document handling procedures, putting at risk our intelligence assets and personnel, and lying under oath before a congressional panel. Many experts have written on the subject and have found that she could be charged with treason. Even agents within the FBI are at odds with Comey’s get out of jail free card.

The other issue Trump could have buried Hillary on was the whole ‘Middle East’ question. When Wallace asked about troop escalation in Mosul, the Donald could have simply pointed to his opponent and said; ‘If she were to handle Mosul with the same finesse that she handled Benghazi, I cannot imagine the catastrophe and horror that awaits the region. Four Americans died needlessly in large part due to her negligence. And to make matters worse, she created a false narrative that she tried to sell the American people!’

As to the possibility of election fraud, it’s very high, in my opinion. Whether it’s dead voters, or Soros owned voting machines, there is plenty to be concerned with. But widespread voter fraud is only possible in a very close race, which it’s looking more and more to me like it is not! In early voting in Wisconsin Trump is winning, and polling in key states like Ohio, and Florida, Trump is looking good.

The reality though is, we don’t know. What we do know is that the corporate media is in the tank for Hillary, and the pollsters are oversampling democrats and are outright lying in an effort to push the result.

We also know that the establishment, including the globalists and New World Order types, are scared out of their collective minds that they are losing control of this election. My sense is that Trump will win this by a landslide. But we cannot assume anything, and must fight clear to the end, and must be leaning into the tape at the finish line!   

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