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Donald J. Trump decisively won the 2016 Presidential election, in spite of media projections which had him trailing by as many as 6 percentage points just days before the election. In his acceptance speech  Trump displayed a great deal of humility and promised that he would not let the people down.

Trump broke the mold when it comes to campaigning, winning the Republican primary with more votes than any candidate in American history. He had the republican establishment scrambling for a ‘Plan B’ alternative, in spite of the massive popularity Trump has with the average voters, who swarmed to rallies across the country with counts rivaling any rock concert in recent history. The night before the election was no exception when more than 17,000 gathered after midnight in Michigan, many standing in the cold outside, with more than 65,000 more watching live on the internet. That may have been the tipping point  as Trump is expected to win Michigan’s 16 Electoral College votes.

As of this writing Trump has 279 Electoral College Votes, and according to the New York Times is expected to finish with 306.

Despite her campaign manager John Podesta, who appeared on national television just after 2:00 am to announce to the crowd gathered at Clinton Campaign Headquarters that they would not have results until the next morning, Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump on the phone to concede the election. 

Trump will take office following his swearing in on January 20, 2017, and will be working with a Republican controlled House and Senate.