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Dump the Destroyers in 2020

I had the distinct honor of attending a private reception this past weekend for one of President Trump’s chief economic advisors, Stephen Moore. Among the many encouraging things Moore had to say to our group was that we should pray that Elizabeth Warren is the nominee the democrats choose.

Well, it’s far from over, but it is looking like there may be an early answer to our prayers (see Beacon front page today, Warren Now Front Runner).

But if that isn’t good enough news that Trump gets to run against Pocahontas, Pelosi has given us perhaps the best possible Trump card to play in the 2020 election, a failed Impeachment attempt! She has finally caved in to the slathering mob of died-in- the-wool (Zombie) socialists in her party, including, but not limited to, the Squad; Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Tlaib and Pressley.

I fully expect next to learn that Maxine Waters is apoplectic with joy over her political dream-come-true. Waters has been chanting this ‘Impeach him’ mantra since before President Trump’s inauguration.

I wrote an editorial back in June of this year entitled Democrats the 3-D Party. The three D’s I referred to, which sum up the Democrat Party of today, are Death, Dependency, and Deception. The Democrat of today is for the Death of the unborn and the infirm (elderly), they have been the party of Dependency by offering ‘free’ goodies such as; college tuition, healthcare, housing, food, cell phones, and yes even cash to their built-in constituency (minorities and now illegal aliens) for years, and lastly the party of Deception, creating false narratives about just about anything, but their favorite target these days is President Trump.

They have no agenda; no plan to bring order to our nation’s fiscal house, no attempt of any mind to secure our border against the ongoing  invasion, no plan to rebuild our infrastructure, no foreign policy objective, no attempt to stop the endless wars abroad or stop the ISIS threat, no attempt at stopping election fraud and abuse, and no effort to create American jobs, nothing, nada, zip!

They have nothing to offer but destruction!

They are the destroyers. Since Barack Hussein Obama was elected to bring unity and harmony we have experienced more racial tension than at any time since the Civil Rights struggle in the 60’s. We had come so far,  until the great uniter came along! Since those inglorious Obama days we’ve gotten “Black Lives Matter,

ANTIFA, talks of reparation, a complete revision of the real Civil War history and destruction of not only monuments commemorating that struggle but institutions and universities that paid homage to what we as a people overcame.

There is a great quote in today’s Beacon by Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir; “One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.” Yet this is what the party of destruction, the Democrats, has been hell-bent on achieving for decades. They have nothing but hatred for our past, our great achievements, our triumph over past struggles, our victory over tyrants abroad, our prosperity within the reach of everyday men and women, and hold utter contempt for our status as the longest surviving republic in world history!

This past week I received, as a birthday gift from one of my sons, the movie Armstrong. Talk about a great American achievement! And coming at a time when we absolutely needed to conquer that new frontier, space. And yet the revisionists have been at it again. In the recent Hollywood production First Man, starring Canadian actor Ryan Gosling (which I refuse to watch) they show the moon landing sequence of Apollo 11 with Gosling portraying Armstrong, minus the historic placing of the American flag. Armstrong spoke with such eloquence “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. I was but eleven years old when Apollo 11 captured the love and admiration and pride of a nation. And it was an American achievement, with American engineers, pilots, scientists, technicians, mechanics, and skilled labor of every kind that culminated on that glorious day July 16, 1969.

A brief movie review on the film Armstrong. It was very good, narrated by Harrison Ford, as Neil Armstrong, and some great insight into what made Armstrong the great pilot and astronaut that America needed.

However, I was very disappointed in the efforts of the producers to  try and recast the moon landing as a global achievement. But as a whole it is well worth watching, and reliving for some of us, that great memory when American ingenuity and perseverance paid off! This is what we should be teaching our children today!

Not the tripe that the party of destruction wants to teach our young; LGBTQ gender confusion, a narrative of shame about our past overcoming of slavery, and the evil greed of corporations and business owners.

Instead we should be teaching our young about the free-market economic system which has provided more prosperity to more people than any system in the history of the world. And paying tribute to a true leader President Donald Trump, who has delivered on every major policy agenda he was elected to achieve. A president unlike any other in my lifetime, and one who has restored our economy and created real increases in wealth and standard of living for all Americans.

Another great achievement of this president is exposing the Deep State and the horribly corrupt, agenda driven mainstream media for who they are.

Americans of all walks and every party are beginning to see the deception they’ve been sold for many, many, decades. This latest impeachment charade like all the other slanderous attacks against this president will be seen for what it is, bitter partisan, anti- American posturing by those who despise our nation and our history.

I am thrilled by our prospects in the 2020 elections.

It is fitting that the year 2020 is the year that metaphorically speaking our people will finally be able to see with clarity the promise America offers, not just for Americans but for all people of good will seeking freedom throughout the world. But if we are not diligent in the defense of this great nation, the consequences for mankind will be unthinkable.

Let us unite and throw out the destroyers, the party of Death, Dependency and Destruction in this coming election and continue America’s great legacy of freedom and achievement that have made us the envy of the world.