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Fairness, A Step at a Time … an observation:

The American President tells us that by Executive Order he has directed the Labor Department to eliminate the distinction between salaried and hourly workers in the United States. He has also announced a “Female Equal Pay Program” … that too by Executive Order.

Now some in our small town are curious … into what closet did he put the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 … and the Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution?

Ah well, no matter … by executive action, the president appears to be ordering up a “Universal General Pay Schedule” scheme for all workers everywhere. In effect, employers will be commanded to pay the job, not the person – no more “merit raises.” No more complications from “seniority” or performance or ability.

Think about it, with the stroke of a pen, the President of the United States has lifted the terrible burden of determining a “worker’s” pay and value from employers and shifted it to “ …The Schedule.”

Great God a’ mighty, free at las’…! “Workers” and “bosses” will no longer be troubled by the onerous process of negotiating compensation based on experience, skill, perceived personal value or potential. Now all that’s needed is a quick check of “The Schedule’s” “time in grade chart” and instantly, an individual’s “work value” is established. And it’s a published lifetime value … no secret pay packets ... very communal.

Yes indeed, we’re thundering on to a socialist future…a prix fixe life track … A planned superhighway with no off-ramps until Indian Wells …and that perpetual care garden just beyond.

No doubt about it, the Socialist Collective firm of Sanders/ Clinton would be much pleased …


And so it goes…17March16

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Frank Liebert
Harbor Springs, Michigan
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